Sustainable logistics and deliveries
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Using city centre micro-fulfilment hubs
and e-cargo bikes we deliver and return parcels

faster, greener and cheaper

(We do middle mile too, in an all electric fleet)


Our e-cargo bikes have a large capacity to pick-up and deliver packages in dense urban environments and navigate zero-emission and no van zones.


Our all electric fleet of vans pick up from all over the UK, bringing parcels into London 7 days a week, 364 days a year. 


We’re making cities more liveable for your customers by taking vans off the roads.

Using our fleet of electric cargo bikes, employee riders, and city centre micro-fulfilment hubs we can decrease your costs, increase the speed of deliveries, and entirely eliminate the carbon output associated with last mile delivery. We do the middle mile via a fleet of all electric vans.


Warehouse as a service.

We offer warehouse as a service (WaaS) where a company can sublease space from our micro-fulfilment hubs and warehouses.  This allows businesses to store their stock in a central location, without the need to invest in your own warehouse infrastructure and staff.

We offer flexible leasing terms and dedicated, secure space for the client’s inventory. We also provide additional services such as inventory management, returns management / consolidation, packing and folding, and same-day delivery.


No Hassle Integration

Our API is easy to integrate with, making it easy to quickly have sustainable last mile deliveries with fin

One Call

We’ll understand how you’re currently doing things and agree on a structure to move forward.


Our team will set everything up in two – three days.

We're Live

Integration goes live and we can start delivering.

sustainable l

Using the efficiency of
e-cargo bikes we’re faster.

Our innovative e-cargo bikes, technology and routing makes us much more efficient than traditional logistics providers. So we can provide amazing service and be more affordable.

Employed riders with
good salaries.

Our riders are all shareholders in fin. They are proud to represent our brand and yours.