Why are brands still using vans for deliveries in cities? 🚲 📦 🌿

Last mile delivery is the final stage of e-commerce logistics, responsible for delivering products from the fulfillment center to the customer’s doorstep. It’s a crucial step in the customer experience and can make or break the e-commerce business. Last mile delivery is often cited as the most expensive and challenging part of the logistics process. The challenges are many – from unpredictable traffic to complex urban environments, to an increasingly demanding customer base. In this article, we will explore the challenges and solutions associated with last mile delivery.

Local Delivery: The Key to Success for Small Business

For small businesses, providing a convenient and efficient delivery service can be a major challenge. However, with local delivery, small businesses can provide their customers with a personalised and reliable delivery service that can help them succeed in a competitive market. Here are some reasons why local delivery is the key to success for small […]