Sustainable Logistics Provider, Fin Acquires Urb-it Technology

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SUSTAINABLE LOGISTICS PROVIDER, FIN, ACQUIRES INDUSTRY VET URB-IT’s TECHNOLOGY, SOLIDIFYING ITS POSITION AS A GLOBAL ECO-FRIENDLY, ZERO EMISSIONS DELIVERY AND SUPPLY CHAIN POWERHOUSE  Poised to become a category leader, Fin’s first acquisition further cements the brand as the rival last-mile delivery solution in a crowded marketplace.   LONDON, UK (January 23, 2024) — In a […]

Fin Raises the Bar: Acquiring Urb-It Technology for a Greener, Faster Future!

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The air is buzzing with electric anticipation here at Fin, and with good reason! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Urb-It‘s technology, a move that turbocharges our mission to revolutionise last-mile deliveries and paint the city green. This isn’t just a merger; it’s a hyperdrive boost to our impact. Here’s what this power play […]