Returns and reverse logistics

Sustainable Return deliveries

Returns and reverse logistics are crucial aspects of the online shopping experience, and they play a significant role in shaping customer satisfaction and loyalty. Providing the best and most sustainable return experience is essential for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Fin excels in returns logistics by providing a seamless and sustainable experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Last Mile Delivery

Increase purchase rates by 90%

Offer near instant returns from the customers door with no need for packaging, no printing labels, no hassle and watch purchase rates skyrocket by as much as 90%.

Save money

Compared to normal returns, fin returns are aggregated and shipped together, resulting in significant savings in carbon and costs.

Boost sustainability

By using only biodegradable bags, no printing and only fin’s zero emissions fleet we make returns sustainable.

Seamless integration

A seamless api and you can start sustainable returns and reverse logistics in a matter of days.

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fin revolutionises the return deliveries process

With Fin, customers can enjoy near-instant returns from their doorstep, eliminating the need for packaging, label printing, and unnecessary hassle. This convenient approach significantly boosts purchase rates, with some businesses experiencing an increase of up to 90%.

Additionally, Fin’s aggregated returns system saves both carbon emissions and costs compared to traditional returns. By utilising biodegradable bags and a zero-emissions fleet, Fin prioritizes sustainability throughout the entire process. With flexible and eco-friendly return options, businesses can keep customers for life.

Why solve returns right now?

Research shows that a staggering 95% of shoppers are less likely to buy from a brand again if they have a poor returns experience. This highlights the direct impact of returns on customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 

Furthermore, brands tend to overspend by an average of 21% when dealing with returns, which can significantly impact profitability. More than half (51%) of returns are attributed to size issues, indicating a need for improved sizing accuracy. 

By offering package-free, label-free, and sustainable returns, e-commerce companies can not only enhance customer satisfaction but also save up to 30% on returns-related costs. 

last mile delivery

How it works

Our API is easy to integrate with, making it easy to quickly have sustainable return logistics with fin

    1. Customer decides to return items.

    2. Customer visits website, selects returns, and schedules a convenient pick-up time slot.

    3. Fin rider arrives with biodegradable bag and barcode, eliminating excessive packaging and printing.

    4. Photo is taken to document the return, and items are securely placed in the Fin vehicle.

    5. Streamlined process minimises waste and efficiently manages returned items.

    6. Returns collated and transported to your distribution centre for processing.