What we do

Your Sustainable Logistics Partner

We partner with companies and brands to provide sustainable and efficient logistics and last mile delivery services with zero emissions.

Our approach focuses on the customer, and we utilise electric vans, electric lorries and e-cargo bike to reduce noise pollution, air pollution, and traffic congestion, which leads to healthier, happier more prosperous cities. 

By adopting this method, we are more dependable and effective than traditional logistics and last mile delivery providers, enabling us to deliver parcels more efficiently and sustainably.

carbon free delivery
Last Mile Delivery

Making Cities for Living with Smart Urban Logistics

Our urban logistics services are here to make cities for living.

To optimise efficiency and reduce the distance travelled during delivery, fin micro-fulfilment hubs set up in the heart of cities play a crucial role in the fin sustainable zero-emissions delivery model. By strategically locating these hubs throughout London and soon to be Paris and Barcelona, fin reduces the need for long-distance trips and streamlines the delivery process. Micro-fulfilment hubs act as distribution centres, allowing for faster and more localised deliveries. By utilising technology and automation, these hubs can efficiently manage inventory and optimise order fulfilment, minimising the time and energy required for each delivery.

Our micro-fulfilment centres reach any postcode in London same day, next day or nominated day, delivering the optimal experience to any customer on any channel.

fin adds to your success by providing consumers with a seamless experience: We help place the products customers want where they want to purchase it, and excel in moving your products quickly and with zero carbon as demand requires.

Our forward fulfilment is designed to optimise efficiency, and deliver profitability while being zero emissions.

What we do

Our Services


For online retailers looking to be sustainable, save money on their deliveries while caring for the environment, we’re a perfect solution. We can help you delight your customers with up to same day delivery. We utilise city centre micro fulfilment hubs to deliver true last mile delivery for your customers. We can collect shipments from your retail location, your warehouse, or you can handle the middle mile and deliver your shipments to our hubs.

Retail Stores

For bricks and mortar retailers, we can enable same day and next day delivery at a much lower cost. Because we can inject your pickups and deliveries into our normal delivery flow, you’re not paying the high cost of a one off courier delivery. We take your delivery request and flow it into our couriers routes on demand, enabling same day delivery.


For logistics providers looking to outsource their last mile deliveries, we can help reduce the cost and increase efficiency. By consolidating deliveries together with other companies, you reduce your cost, increase efficiency, and reduce the impact on the environment. Rather than having fleets of e-cargo bikes yourself, you can outsource the last mile to fin without sacrificing your customer experience. By integrating your deliveries into our existing delivery routes, you avoid congestion and pollution.